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Sports TV channel in Afghanistan shuts down amid Taliban restrictions

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INTERNATIONAL DESK: The sole sports TV channel in Afghanistan has shut down after struggling to cope up with the restrictions imposed by the Taliban in the country.

In addition to these restrictions, the economic crisis in Afghanistan is also a major reason behind the shutdown of the channel, Tolo News reported citing the head of the organisation.

“The main reason for the halt in 3Sport channel’s operations was the restrictions being imposed on all media and specifically 3Sport,” said Shafiqullah Saleem Poya, head of the channel.

“The media has been struggling with problems in the social, economic and political areas,” he added.

Poya also informed that Afghan journalists are facing a number of restrictions while carrying out their duties in the country.

This came weeks after the shutdown of around 150 media outlets in the country. All these media outlets were struggling with the economic as well as political crisis in Afghanistan.

Earlier, the Taliban-formed ‘Ministry of Information and Culture’ had imposed a set of regulations in a bid to prohibit virtually any critical reporting about the Taliban, Human Rights Watch informed.

The rights groups have also expressed concerns over these restrictions.

A copy of these regulations seen by Human Rights Watch directs the media groups that they are prohibited from printing or broadcasting reports that “are contrary to Islam,” “insult national figures,” or “distort news content.” (ANI)